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  • 02.10.2015

Who is Iconik?

ICONIK makes you different.

If you have seen the lovely bears USB drive somewhere, please note that it comes from “ICONIK”, which is a brand from Russia that has been devoted itself to make creative and delicate design stuff to share with people all over the world.

 In order to develop a brand which can be popular in the Russia, ICONIK has been devoted itself to produce products with flawless quality which requires mature manufacturing ability, high cost, unique ideas, and amazing design; most important of all, the Russian spirit and culture are the soul of ICONIK which are indispensible. Showing the world our amazing design and speaking out loud that ICONIK is from Russia has always been our motivation and target.

How does an affective idea be carried out from a thought to a piece of work and even become a trend? How does the trend become popular and be accepted by the consumers? How does a simple creation transfer to be a product wrapped with the wonderful package? And how does the product become a brand staying in the consumer s’ hearts? The answers to the questions above are tough; nevertheless, ICONIK, gathering a group of people with dreams, has overcome all the obstacles and finally presented the perfect products surprising everyone.


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